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Find your AAAS Account

You must establish a AAAS ID (your email address) and password to activate your online account and ensure access to specific Science Online and AAAS site content, and to the AAAS Communities.

The first step is to find your existing account by providing the following pieces of information:

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where can I find my AAAS member/customer number?

    Your AAAS member/customer number has 8 digits. You can find it in three places:

    1. If you receive a print version of Science, it is printed on your mailing label, the 8-digit number above your name. On international labels it is the first 8-digit number at the top of your mailing address, above your name and the word SCIENCE.
    2. If you ordered online, it is printed in your confirmation email for your subscription.
    3. You can also find your AAAS Member Number on the address label of your Welcome Kit and in the Welcome Email.

    For more information please visit
  • I am an S&T Policy Fellow. Where can I get help logging in?

    For your convenience, we have streamlined your online experience by moving to a new sign-in system that will now allow you use the same login information across three sites: FellowsCentral, Science, and the AAAS Communities. In order to login to the new FellowsCentral, you must first activate a AAAS “identity account.” To do this, simply enter either your AAAS Member Number or the email address you used on the old FellowsCentral on this page. Once you have confirmed your email address and set a password, you can use your new credentials to login. (If you are looking up your account using your AAAS Member Number, you must enter 8 digits. If your Member Number has less than 8 digits, please add zeros in front of your number. For example: 123456 needs to be entered as 00123456.)

    If you’ already recently (since August 2016) updated your AAAS login credentials, you will still need to go through the process of looking up your account. This will link the FellowsCentral website to your account.

    If you experience any issues, please contact the STPF Help Desk at or