Copperpenis Owls and Other Boogeymen - The Cause Of All Diseases

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Should John Oliver decide that he's had enough, perhaps because generating sarcasm is exhausting, there is someone who can slip seamlessly into his seat. Jonathan Jarry, who is a member of the McGill Office on Science and Society (Director Dr. Joe Schwarcz) won't even have to break a sweat. 

Jarry's latest video in his the series "Cracked Science" concludes that The Boogeyman, who can take various forms, is responsible for all human disease.

In Hungary. The Boogeyman is called the "Copperpenis Owl," something that Schwarcz, who is Hungarian, vehemently denies. To which Jarry responds, "of course he'd say that."

Another form of the Boogeyman is the chemical BPA, a component of polycarbonate plastics that we've written about dozens, if not hundreds, of times. And well we should. BPA is one scary Boogeyman. 


Jarry absolutely eviscerates alternative medicine, wondering, among things, why so many practitioners of obviously contradicting (and bogus) methods don't go after each other since each claims to know the secrets of eternal health. Jarry posits that there is an unwritten rule in the world of woo:

"I won't interfere with your income if you don't interfere with mine."

 One woman, who is a computer scientist claims that the Boogeyman is really glyphosate and then proceeds to rattle off 11 different diseases that are "all going up in frequency in the population. But Jarry has his own theory about what is really going up in frequency: 

Do not miss this 11-minute video. It is both brilliant and hilarious. And stay out of your closet at night.


Posted with permission from the McGill Office on Science and Society.