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Organic Consumers Association

Little Marais, WI, USA
501c3, 501c4

Recipient: Focus on food safety and on biotech-related topics
Also includes Organic Consumers Fund (OCF)

Key People:

  • Ronnie Cummins, President and Board Chair
  • Alexis Baden-Mayer, Political Director
  • Rosemary Welch, OCA Board Treasurer, OCF General Manager, Board Director (Ronnie Cummins’ spouse)
  • Katherine Paul · USA National Director
  • Casey Oppenheim · General Counsel

OCA is one of the most aggressive of North America’s anti-GMO activist groups and its website contains advertisements for a wide variety of organic products and alternative medical cures.

The group touts on its homepage that it campaigns “for health, justice, sustainability, peace, and democracy.” Many of the causes and organizations that it supports have drawn fierce criticism from the scientific community.

OCA campaigns relentlessly against many aspects of conventional agriculture, and biotechnology in particular. It has contributed $554.000 to start up and fund US Right to Know, an organization that targets scientists and science communicators with controversial Freedom of Information requests in an attempt to tie them to the biotech industry. See Biotech Gallery: USRTK

According to the website Rational Wiki,

…the OCA frequently reposts articles from woo-pushers and conspiracy theorists such as Joseph Mercola, NaturalNews, and Alex Jones on subjects such as water fluoridation, food irradiation, 9/11 conspiracy theories, raw milk, vaccines, homeopathy, nuclear power, and more. They have a long history of using fear mongering and pseudoscience to push their agenda of converting the world to organic agriculture…

According to OCA’s financial statements, it paid out more than $500,000 in “grants to governments and organizations” inside and outside the U.S. in 2013 and more than $600,000 in 2014. Since 2009 the trade group has contributed $230,000 or more to bolster its political causes in this fashion. It spent $924,575 in 2015, according to its 990 tax form on Charity Navigator.

Financial Data

Annual Revenue: $4,005,101 (2016)

Total Assets: $1,576, 335


Major Donors (total contributions 2012-present)

Natural Health Research Foundation: $2,101,000

Forrest C & Frances H Lattner Foundation: $413,250

Meshewa Farm Foundation: $100,000

Marisla Foundation: $60,000

Robert P. Rotella Foundation: $37,000


Major Grant Recipients (total contributions 2012-present)

Oregon Vote Yes On Measure 92 Right To Know (GMO Labeling): $702,000

U.S. Right to Know: $554,500

Citizens for GMO Labeling: $60,000

Right To Know Colorado Yes On Prop 105: $50,000


Contribution totals only reflect publicly reported donors and may not include significant contributions from corporations, litigators and governments, domestic and foreign, through percent of sales agreements and allocations through various arrangements such as state lotteries and aid programs. Many claims by nonprofit organizations that they receive no contributions from governments or corporations are misleading or false.

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Note that there are three “levels” of both donors and recipients.

Donations to advocacy groups are sometimes designated to support a specific cause, such as organic agriculture or mitigating climate change. There is no way for us to know from publicly-available documents on what the money will be spent, as we can only see the total amount donated. When we assign the levels below to donors and recipients, we assume that all donations are available to the recipient for all advocacy, including anti-GMO advocacy.

  • Level 1: Donates primarily to dedicated anti-GMO organizations
  • Level 2: A large portion of donations go to anti-GMO organizations; some donations go to organizations without a position on GMOs
  • Level 3: A small portion of donations go to anti-GMO organizations
    * Most donations go to organizations without a formal position on GMOs but which have aligned themselves with anti-GMO activists

For Level 1 recipients, all donations are used for anti-GMO advocacy. For Level 2 and 3 recipients, we don’t know how much of each donation is used for anti-GMO advocacy.

  • Level 1: Dedicated to anti-GMO advocacy
  • Level 2: Involved in anti-GMO advocacy along with other causes
  • Level 3: No specific anti-GMO advocacy, but general support
    * Organizations without a formal position on GMOs but which have aligned themselves with anti-GMO activists
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