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Options API


The Options API is a simple and standardized way of storing data in the database. The API makes it easy to create, access, update, and delete options. All the data is stored in the wp_options table under a given custom name. This page contains the technical documentation needed to use the Options API. A list of default options can be found in the Option Reference.

Note that the _site_ functions are essentially the same as their counterparts. The only differences occur for WP Multisite, when the options apply network-wide and the data is stored in the wp_sitemeta table under the given custom name.

Function Reference

Add/Delete Option
Get/Update Option


// Create an option to the database
add_option( $option, $value = , $deprecated = , $autoload = 'yes' );

// Removes option by name.
delete_option( $option );

// Fetch a saved option
get_option( $option, $default = false );

// Update the value of an option that was already added.
update_option( $option, $newvalue );