The GeneConvene Virtual Institute aggregates, curates and shares knowledge to advance understanding of gene drive technologies and selfish genetic elements.

The GeneConvene Virtual Institute is an initiative of the GeneConvene Global Collaborative, a program within the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health that advances best practices for genetic biocontrol technologies such as those using gene drive.

Gene drive and other genetic biocontrol technologies are emerging technologies with implications for public health, conservation and agriculture.  Conversations and discussions about these technologies will benefit from well-informed stakeholders and other interested parties.

Decisions by stakeholders regarding the research, development and possible use of gene drive and other biocontrol technologies will benefit from stakeholders having sources of knowledge of the scientific, social, safety and economic dimensions of these technologies.

Knowledge of gene drive and other genetic biocontrol technologies is growing rapidly but is fragmented and dispersed throughout the internet.  The aim of the Virtual Institute is to bring knowledge of gene drive and other genetic biocontrol technologies together in one virtual location to make it readily accessible to those with interests in these technologies.

Stay informed of developments in the gene drive and genetic biocontrol spaces!

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