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Who we are

Genetically modified organisms — GMOs — are a major topic of discussion today. Across our society, media and the Internet, a growing number of people have shared a wide range of questions and emotions on the topic – ranging from excitement and optimism to skepticism and even fear.

GMO Answers was created to do a better job answering your questions — no matter what they are — about GMOs. The biotech industry stands 100 percent behind the health and safety of the GM crops on the market today, but we acknowledge that we haven’t done the best job communicating about them – what they are, how they are made, what the safety data says.

This website is the beginning of a new conversation among everyone who cares about how our food is grown. Join us. Ask tough questions. Be skeptical. Be open. We look forward to sharing answers.

What is GMO Answers?

GMO Answers is an initiative committed to responding to your questions about how food is grown. Its goal is to make information about GMOs in food and agriculture easier to access and understand. The members and partners of GMO Answers commit to five core principles:

  1. Respecting people around the world and their right to choose healthy food products that are best for themselves and their families;
  2. Welcoming and answering questions on all GMO topics;
  3. Making GMO information, research and data easy to access and evaluate and supporting safety testing of GM products; including allowing independent safety testing of our products through validated science-based methods;
  4. Supporting farmers as they work to grow crops using precious resources more efficiently, with less impact on the environment and producing safe, nutritious food and feed products;
  5. Respecting farmers’ rights to choose the seeds that are best for their farms, businesses and communities and providing seed choices that include non-GM seeds based on market demands.

Who Funds GMO Answers?

GMOAnswers is funded by the members of CropLife International. 

The independent experts who answer consumer questions are not paid by GMO Answers to answer questions. Experts donate their time to answer questions in their area of expertise for the website. They do so because they are passionate about helping the public better understand GMOs and how our food is grown.

On occasion, independent experts participate in speaking or media opportunities on behalf of GMO Answers. In these instances, GMO Answers will reimburse for the travel expenses incurred by the expert.

*From 2013-2019, GMO Answers was a campaign produced by The Council for Biotechnology Information, whose members included BASF, Bayer, Dow AgroSciences, DuPont, Monsanto Company and Syngenta. In 2018, Bayer merged with Monsanto Company, and Dow Agroscience merged with DuPont to form Corteva. As of 2020, GMO Answers is a program of CropLife International.

 As part of our transparency commitment, we do not alter responses to questions, and as such, some content and answers by company experts may still appear on with former company attributions. Each impacted expert’s bio is being updated and will clearly link to any question and answer they’ve contributed to.

Supporting Partners

Supporting partners are organizations, companies and others who are committed to the five core principles of GMO Answers and have added their support to this initiative. To date those partners include

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