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Eva Emerson


Eva began her career shooting DNA into plant cells and cloning retinal genes from fish. It just got better from there. A graduate of the UC Santa Cruz science writing program, she has explained science to cartoon writers for The Magic School Bus TV show, written articles about the wild corners of Oahu for the Honolulu Weekly, created scavenger hunts for preschoolers at the California Science Center and interviewed Nobel laureates at USC. Before joining Knowable, she was editor in chief of Science News Magazine. She loves offering free medical advice.
Email: [email protected]

Rosie Mestel

Executive Editor

Rosie abandoned yeast and fruit-fly labs long ago for the UC Santa Cruz science writing program. At New Scientist, she learned how convenient it was to have bosses 5,437 miles away. At the LA Times, she wrote about everything from anthrax forensics to the digestive hazards of election debates during Thanksgiving dinners. As chief magazine editor at Nature, she rekindled her love of Marmite and confusion over proper spelling (these days, she just guesses). She likes hiking and old biological drawings, and is concocting plans to grow a loofah-sponge hedge.
Email: [email protected]

Lisa Modica

Art Director

Lisa knows there’s great beauty in science and wants everyone else to know it, too. She moved to Philadelphia to attend Drexel University’s design program, and loved the city so much that she still calls it home. Before joining Knowable, she spent a decade designing and art-directing at the Scientist — learning, among other things, that the DNA double helix twists right-handedly, and how to source a good photograph of a dogged recluse. You can usually find her falling down in yoga class, or crafting the perfect iced tea.
Email: [email protected]

Rachel Ehrenberg

Associate Editor

As a graduate student Rachel tried to focus on investigating plants and their pollinators but found herself endlessly distracted by other things, from bacteria to brain cells to black holes. She turned this curse into a career at the UC Santa Cruz science writing program. As a staff writer at Science News, Rachel covered cutting-edge microscopy techniques, counterfeit drugs and whether parasitic worms are kosher. As a fellow of the Knight Science Journalism program at MIT, she spent hours sailing up and down the Charles River in between honing her writing and audio chops. She has an inordinate fondness for hedgehogs, which she nurtures by growing a variety of spiny plants in her Boston apartment. (But she’d really like a hedgehog too.)
Email: [email protected]

Katie Fleeman

Audience Engagement Editor

Katie manages social media, syndication and analytics for Knowable Magazine. In other words, she tweets for a living. Before joining Knowable, Katie cut her teeth on academic publishing at PLOS and then dove into the media start-up world at ATTN:, where she wrangled with hashtags, metatags and all-powerful algorithms. She can recite the first 20 elements on the periodic table, but only in song. A proud UC Berkeley alum and avid Cal Bears fan, her favorite elements are Berkelium and Californium. She strongly encourages everyone to like and share everything Knowable publishes.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (650) 843-6658

John Wenz

Digital Producer

John doesn’t usually have his head in the clouds––he’s got it far above them in the cold void of space. A former editor at Astronomy Magazine, news writer at Popular Mechanics and long-time freelancer, with his writings appearing in Discover Magazine, Scientific American, Smithsonian Magazine, and many others. He’s traditionally written about astrophysics, but loves a good fossil study too, and can go on and on about storage medium rot. His first book, The Lost Planetswas released by MIT Press in October 2019. He’s excited to leave behind Midwest winters for whatever weather California has in store.
Email: [email protected]

Betty Baboujon

Copy Editor

Betty loves nothing better than a good story, preferably with punctuation in all the right places. A copy editor by nature and nurture, she has fact-checked, corrected and proofread news articles for US dailies such as the Los Angeles Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer. As a magazine editor at Australia’s House & Garden and BBC Good Food, she gabbed about cooking, health and nutrition with anyone who would listen. She never misses breakfast, nor the opportunity to scan cereal boxes for typos.

Clark Stevens

Copy Editor

Clark’s accumulation of scientific credentials began and ended on the wintry fields of Auburn, Massachusetts, where he would ride his sled on the site from which Robert Goddard launched his first rocket. A stint as a classical music DJ and a newspaper job in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, did not prevent him from catching on at the Los Angeles Times, where he eventually became chief of copy desks. Still feeling like a New Englander, he has lived for many years in Sierra Madre, California, where he collects (and sometimes sells) unusual old books, adds to his shelf of recordings of Welsh male choruses, and throws tennis balls at the bears to chase them away from his trash cans.

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