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Your benefits as business seller

A B2B marketplace combining the value, convenience and selection consumers have come to love from Amazon with a range of unique benefits and solutions tailored to businesses.

With Amazon Business get access to all existing Amazon customers and the additional opportunity to grow your sales to new business customers of all types and sizes. Now live in the UK after having seen over $1bn in revenue in its first year in the US, Amazon Business is the new online sales channel for your products.
  • Reach new business customers using Amazon Business.
  • Tailor your business offers for free and increase your sales conversion.
  • Benefit from higher visibility of your business offers and lower fees on high volume transactions.
The Amazon Business programme incurs no additional fees and gives you access to Fulfilment by Amazon and auto-enabled EU-wide selling*.

Additional features for business sellers

Automatic VAT invoicing

Amazon's new VAT Calculation Service is automatically generating VAT invoices on your behalf for all Amazon orders, thus saving effort on manual invoice creation.

VAT-exclusive price display

The same free service gives you the ability to display EU-wide compliant VAT-exclusive prices to business customers. This can lead to increased sales opportunities.

Business pricing and quantity discounts

Offer exclusive pricing and quantity based discounts to business customers.

Exclusive business offers

Choose to make products and prices available to business customers only.

Enhanced offer visibility

Offers from eligible sellers on Amazon Business will receive a special badge and benefit from higher sales conversion.

Pay by Invoice

Benefit from new sales opportunities through Pay by Invoice – a key payment option for professional buyers. Amazon is removing the buyer default risk involved in selling on terms, handles credit risk assessment as well as billing and collection activities.

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Amazon Business launched in the US in April 2015, serving more than 400,000 businesses and generating over $1bn in sales in its first year. Amazon Business launched in Germany in December 2016, with more than 50,000 business customers and 10,000 business sellers now using Amazon Business to buy and sell their products.

Building on this success, we are now offering Amazon’s selection, convenience, and value to businesses in the UK.
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How does it work?

Selling on Amazon Business can help you reach more business customers and grow your sales on,,, and


Register as a seller

As a registered Amazon Business seller you will benefit from a new suite of features to reach business customers.
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Upload your listings

You can add products to the Amazon Marketplace catalog one at a time or large batches of items using bulk tools.


Enrol into the VAT Calculation Service

Provide your tax information and our VAT Calculation Service will automatically generate VAT invoices on your behalf and display VAT-exclusive prices to business customers.


Add business prices and quantity discounts

Tailor your listings either by using feeds or through the inventory management in Seller Central.


Ship your orders

Amazon notifies you when customers place an order. Use Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) and let Amazon do the shipping or handle shipping yourself.


Get paid

Amazon deposits payment into your bank account at regular intervals and notifies you that your payment has been sent.
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Frequently asked questions

Have questions? Find a list of common questions in the FAQ section below. Cannot find the answers to your questions?

Visit our seller forum or contact seller support (seller central access required).

About the Amazon Business programme

What is Amazon Business?
Amazon Business is a new marketplace on and that serves the needs of businesses of every size. Businesses can register for a free Amazon Business account to save time and money with their purchasing. Sellers can expand their B2B sales on Amazon with new ways to target business customers.

Customers on Amazon Business benefit from new business-tailored features such as Free One-Day Delivery on orders of £30 or more, VAT-exclusive pricing, VAT invoicing, add a Purchase Order (PO) number to your orders, add multiple users to your business account, set spending limits, enable purchasing approval workflows and gain visibility into how your business is spending with Amazon Business Analytics. It’s the selection, convenience and value customers love about Amazon, now for business. Click here to get to register a free customer account to do your purchasing via Amazon Business.
What is the Amazon Business seller programme?
The Amazon Business seller programme helps you grow your B2B sales on and As an Amazon Business seller, you get access to features that help grow your sales to business customers, including the possibility to offer quantity discounts and exclusive business offers, VAT-exclusive price display and VAT invoicing for all of your Amazon offers. 

Click above to register for free for the Amazon Business seller programme.
What are the main differences between the Amazon Business seller programme and Selling on Amazon?
The Amazon Business seller programme is a free upgrade to the Professional Selling plan allowing sellers to cater to the specific requirements of business customers by providing features optimized for business-to-business transactions. Learn more about professional selling account here.
What is an Amazon Business customer?
Amazon Business customers have completed the business account registration process and have been verified as businesses.
How do I cancel my Amazon Business seller status?
You may opt out of the Amazon Business seller programme at any point. Please click here to opt-out. This only removes the B2B features in your Seller Central account, and does not cancel or impact your Professional seller account and you can continue selling on Amazon.
Can I use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)?
Yes. A seller's FBA inventory can be used to fulfill Amazon Business orders.

The Fulfillment by Amazon Fee Schedule applies to business orders fulfilled by Amazon.

Managing your business seller account

What will change in Seller Central for a business seller?
As a business seller you will see new B2B features in Seller Central but the overall functionality of Seller Central will not change.
Where do I add new B2B products?
Add B2B products using the same process you use to add products in Seller Central.

VAT Calculation Service

What service will I receive as a seller?
Amazon’s VAT Calculation Service provides sellers with tax calculation, VAT invoicing and transactional tax calculation reporting functionality.

By enrolling in our VAT Calculation Service, Amazon Business sellers will also be able to display VAT exclusive prices to Amazon Business customers.
Is there an incremental fee to enroll and use Amazon's VAT Calculation Service?
No, Amazon’s VAT Calculation Service is available to all sellers as long as they fulfill the basic enrollment criteria.
Is it mandatory to have a VAT registration number to join Amazon's VAT Calculation Service?
Yes – Sellers will be required to provide at least one valid European Union (EU) VAT registration number in order to enrol into the service.

Sellers should provide all EU VAT registration numbers associated with their business, including VAT registration numbers for the countries within which they store inventory, e.g. as part of the FBA programme. Storing FBA units in a country outside your home-marketplace country will trigger additional VAT registration and reporting obligations for your business. Please consult your local tax advisor for guidance, as necessary..

Pay by Invoice

What is Pay by Invoice?
Pay by Invoice is a new payment method that allows qualified Amazon Business buyers to make purchases on the Marketplace and receive billing Invoices for their orders. Business buyers who have access to Pay by Invoice have terms such as Net30 that determines when their Invoices are due (30 days after bill date in case of Net30).
Are there any additional fees for receiving Pay by Invoice orders?
No. There is no additional fee charged for Pay by Invoice orders..
Why did I receive a Pay by Invoice order when I am not enrolled into Amazon Business?
Selection from all sellers on Amazon is made available on Amazon Business to ensure the same growth opportunity for all sellers and the wide selection for business buyers. Joining the Amazon Business seller programme is not required but is a great way to tailor your offering to business buyers and grow your sales with these customers. Similarly, selection from all sellers is also made available to business buyers with Pay by Invoice capability to ensure the same benefits to all buyers and sellers.
When will I receive my payment for Pay by Invoice orders?
Amazon will pay sellers as soon as payment for the Invoice is received from the buyer. This may occur around the due date or even before due date. However, in case of late payments, Amazon will pay the seller on the 15th day past the due date if the buyer has not paid by that time.

Want to learn more about the B2B opportunity on Amazon
and how to get started?

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Already have a professional seller account? Benefit from free automatic invoicing ›