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Cuban officials embrace GMOs to feed hungry population, but groups push back

Ben Johnson&nbsp|&nbsp
[Editor's note: Rev. Ben Johnson is Senior Editor at the Acton Institute.] Cuban officials have announced the island is turning to ...

Why Neil Young’s viral anti-Monsanto and Starbucks song is wrong on GMO safety

Bruce Edward Walker&nbsp|&nbsp
Neil Young blew up the Internet this past weekend with the video release of “A Rock Star Bucks a Coffee ...

GM opponents cloak value-based views in science

Sarah Stanley&nbsp|&nbsp
A new report out of the U.K. shows just how muddled discussion on genetically modified crops really is. Late last ...

Religious shareholder activist group backs labeling GMOs citing potential “harmful side effects”

Bruce Edward Walker&nbsp|&nbsp
Fear of the unknown hazards of technology has been the inspiration for science fiction cautionary tales from Mary Shelley’sFrankenstein to Japanese ...