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Feeding microbes expired bread during fermentation could yield cheaper, more sustainable food

Emma Bryce&nbsp|&nbsp
Wine, cheese, yoghurt and bread: all these culinary delights owe their existence to the work of microorganisms like bacteria, yeast, ...

Eat less meat to cut CO2 emissions? That may not make your diet climate friendly, study shows

Emma Bryce&nbsp|&nbsp
In global diets, meat is not necessarily the main driver of dietary carbon emissions, finds a new study published in ...

Horizontal gene transfer: The tricky part of evolution never imagined by Charles Darwin

David Quammen&nbsp|&nbsp
Biologists have long recognized that the boundaries of one species may blur into another—by the process of hybridism, for instance ...

Crop diversity worldwide is growing, but wheat, maize (corn), soy, and rice cover almost 50% of farmland worldwide

Emma Bryce&nbsp|&nbsp
Global agriculture is increasingly dominated by just a handful of crops with limited genetic richness, says a group of researchers ...