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CRISPR cows could boost sustainable meat production, but regulations and wary consumers stand in the way

Dyllan Furness&nbsp|&nbsp
When Ralph Fisher, a Texas cattle rancher, set eyes on one of the world’s first cloned calves in August 1999, he ...
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Is artificial intelligence (AI) medicine racially biased?

Rod McCullom&nbsp|&nbsp
The power of artificial intelligence has transformed health care by using massive datasets to improve diagnostics, treatment, records management, and patient ...
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Viewpoint: GMO vs non-GMO foods? There’s no difference to your body or health

Lucy Stitzer&nbsp|&nbsp
What exactly happens when you eat a GMO? ...
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Gene therapy for hemophilia delayed until 2022 after FDA rejects one-time treatment, shocking doctors and scientists

Linda Johnson, Ricki Lewis&nbsp|&nbsp
U.S. regulators rejected [Biomarin’s] potentially game-changing hemophilia A gene therapy over concerns it might not really be a one-and-done lifetime ...
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Viewpoint: How prosperity and technology are defeating ‘environmental pessimism’

Matt Ridley&nbsp|&nbsp
In 1980, the year that PERC was founded, I spent three months in the Himalayas working on a wildlife conservation ...

Viewpoint: Media focus on COVID-19 deaths ignores lasting impact of ‘calamitous pandemic’

Henry Miller, Josh Bloom&nbsp|&nbsp
The media regularly reports about deaths from COVID-19 as if that is the whole story. But it's not. COVID-19 doesn't ...

Podcast: Covid conspiracies; Cuba embraces GMOs; biotech vs. nature’s ‘mindless dangers’

Cameron English, Kevin Folta&nbsp|&nbsp
A fearful public accepts conspiracy theories because they offer a sense of control in an uncontrollable situation, says a young ...
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Viewpoint: ‘Health impact of chemicals doubled in last 5 years’? Gullible media misreporting flawed studies mislead the public

Geoffrey Kabat&nbsp|&nbsp
“Plastics and pesticides: Health impacts of synthetic chemicals in US products doubled in last 5 years, study finds," a July ...
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Viewpoint: How body building culture and fad diets mislead consumers about protein

Angela Dowden&nbsp|&nbsp
In most supermarket aisles you’re likely to come across at least one product that features ‘protein’ somewhere in the title ...

Viewpoint: Is there a scientific basis to ban gene drive technology that can rid us of virus-carrying rodents and mosquitoes?

Kostas Vavitsas&nbsp|&nbsp
Gene drives may be invaluable tools to control the spread of parasites, invasive species, and disease carriers. But the technology ...
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Viewpoint: ‘All natural’ pet food is no better for Fido, and it’s terrible for the environment

Caroline Grunewald&nbsp|&nbsp
Gone are the days when a proud new pet owner could waltz into the grocery store and pick up a ...
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Why SARS disappeared in 2003 while the coronavirus keeps on spreading

Bob Holmes&nbsp|&nbsp
The unusual cases of pneumonia began to appear in midwinter, in China. The cause, researchers would later learn, was a ...

Podcast: Rebel Cell: Cancer, evolution and the science of life

Kat Arney&nbsp|&nbsp
Geneticist Dr Kat Arney brings you exclusive excerpts from her new book Rebel Cell, exploring where cancer came from, where ...
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Viewpoint: Europe must abandon ‘fear of progress’ to defeat anti-science chemophobia

Jean-Paul Oury&nbsp|&nbsp
A site like European Scientist has one hope: that the 2020s will be the decade of renewal for European scientific ...
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Podcast: Arguing with vaccine skeptics works; Ban GMO labels? Agroecology keeps Africa poor

Cameron English, Kevin Folta&nbsp|&nbsp
Contrary to popular belief, arguing with anti-science activists on social media helps combat the spread of misinformation. Organic food groups ...

Why do humans mate in private? Instinct or morality?

Bob Yirka, Wesley J. Smith&nbsp|&nbsp
A debate has emerged as to why humans mate in private while every other animal – except the Arabian babbler ...

‘No change in insect population sizes’: Massive North American study challenges ‘insect apocalypse’ claims

Matthew Moran&nbsp|&nbsp
In recent years, the notion of an insect apocalypse has become a hot topic in the conservation science community and has ...
jurassic park trex

Real life Jurassic Park? Recovered prehistoric DNA raises prospect of resurrecting species

Tautvydas Shuipys&nbsp|&nbsp
Even before Jurassic Park became a staple of pop culture in the early 1990s, geneticists have been on the hunt ...
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Viewpoint: Glyphosate-tainted hummus? Environmental Working Group’s latest pesticide scare short on facts

Andrew Porterfield&nbsp|&nbsp
In the wake of a highly publicized legal settlement between Bayer, owner of former glyphosate-maker Monsanto, and lawyers representing plaintiffs ...
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COVID-19 conspiracy theories give people the feeling of being in control

Yoo Jung Kim&nbsp|&nbsp
A few weeks ago, I took an uncomfortable trip down the rabbit hole of Covid-19 conspiracy theory videos. As a newly ...

Viewpoint: While ‘elitist academics’ praise local food ‘industrial farming’ feeds us during a pandemic

Hank Campbell&nbsp|&nbsp
With the world COVID-19 pandemic in its sixth month, food activists are back to trumpeting locally grown, and even home ...

‘Immunological dark matter’: Is this why some people have a pre-existing immunity to COVID-19?

Joacim Rocklöv, Paul Franks&nbsp|&nbsp
More than half a million people have died from COVID-19 globally. It is a major tragedy, but perhaps not on the ...

Viewpoint: Battling deadly disease with gene drives is worth the limited risk

Brian Lovett, Isobel Ronai&nbsp|&nbsp
The fate of society rests in part on how humans navigate their complicated relationship with insects – trying to save ...
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Video: Death by COVID: The projected grim toll in historical context

Ronald Fricker&nbsp|&nbsp
The latest statistics, as of July 10, show COVID-19-related deaths in U.S. are just under 1,000 per day nationally, which is ...
stop golden rice

In effort to block Philippines’ GMO Golden Rice, activists falsely link nutrition-enhanced staple to COVID

Cameron English&nbsp|&nbsp
Anti-biotech groups in the Philippines are trying to link the COVID-19 pandemic to Golden Rice as part of a week-long ...

Sense of self: How the brain distinguishes ‘us’ from the world

Sam Ereira&nbsp|&nbsp
We are highly sensitive to people around us. As infants, we observe our parents and teachers, and from them we ...
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‘Tantalizing solutions’: How we are developing the next generation of cancer drugs

Stephen Ornes&nbsp|&nbsp
Cancer treatments have always been linked to a specific part of the body — these drugs for breast cancer, and ...
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Podcast: Global population crash; Pesticide bans backfire; beef producing CRISPR male cows

Cameron English, Kevin Folta&nbsp|&nbsp
CRISPR could enable farmers to produce more beef from fewer cattle, boosting farm sustainability. Lawsuits designed to get pesticides and ...