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Hawaii pro-GMO candidates win in elections

Andrew Walden&nbsp|&nbsp
What a bunch of losers. That's the takeaway from election results for anti-GMO candidates statewide. On Kauai, pro-GMO mayor Bernard ...

Hawaii weed lovers alert: Anti-GMO bills threaten ‘Maui gold’ marijuana growers with up to $25,000 per day fine

Andrew Walden&nbsp|&nbsp
If Maui County follows the trend of anti-GMO legislation that is sweeping across Hawaii, marijuana growers will be vulnerable to ...

Maui in crosshairs as anti-GMO activists propose pesticide, GM crop disclosure bill

Andrew Walden&nbsp|&nbsp
Maui Councilwoman Ellie Cochran has proposed a bill similar to Kauai’s Bill 2491 that calls for mandatory disclosure of pesticide ...