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Bipartisan congressional group urges FDA to develop ‘workable’ GMO, CRISPR-edited animal rules

Ryan Mccrimmon&nbsp|&nbsp
More than 20 House Energy & Commerce Committee members sent a letter to acting FDA Commissioner Ned Sharpless on [July 26] ...
Brexit cutting the ties e

Prime Minister Boris Johnson: Time to ‘liberate’ UK farming from EU’s anti-GMO rules

Arthur Neslen, Eddy Wax&nbsp|&nbsp
In his first prime ministerial speech [July 24], Boris Johnson called for a “liberation” of the U.K.’s bioscience sector after ...
FDA NotApprovedStamp e

FDA rejects call for USDA takeover of CRISPR gene-edited animal regulation

Liz Crampton&nbsp|&nbsp
The Food and Drug Administration is standing its ground in the latest battle over its regulatory turf, warning livestock groups ...

Viewpoint: France’s bad science—its stances on food safety and GMOs at sharp odds with European scientists

Eline Schaart&nbsp|&nbsp
Paris is worried that the whitening additive that makes sweets gleam — titanium dioxide, also called E171 — and is ...

Trump executive order streamlining biotech rules won’t speed CRISPR animal approvals, livestock industry says

Arren Kimbel-Sannit&nbsp|&nbsp
The executive order that the Trump administration announced [in June 2019] to streamline the approval process for agricultural biotechnology has ...

Austria considers ban on Bayer’s weed killer Roundup as heated glyphosate-cancer debate continues

Judith Mischke&nbsp|&nbsp
Austria is heading toward a likely ban of glyphosate this year after the far-right Freedom Party (FPÖ) backed the Social ...

EU health commissioner: Anti-vaccine, glyphosate ‘conspiracy theories’ threaten Europe with ‘new middle ages’

Eddy Wax&nbsp|&nbsp
Europe’s Health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis on [June 7] warned that conspiracy theories were winning the argument against science in Europe ...
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Bayer to appeal $2 billion glyphosate-cancer verdict with EPA Roundup assessment excluded from trial

Liz Crampton&nbsp|&nbsp
Bayer plans to make the EPA’s safety endorsement of a chemical in Roundup central to its case as the company ...

Sen. Chuck Grassley: EU hostility to biotech, conventional agriculture shouldn’t be allowed to ‘scuttle’ trade talks with US

Chuck Grassley&nbsp|&nbsp
When trade representatives visit me to discuss biotechnology products, often the first thing I do is eat a genetically modified ...

French President Macron pledges glyphosate ban, halving of pesticide use by 2025 as EU election nears

Emmet Livingstone&nbsp|&nbsp
Emmanuel Macron’s EU election campaign, dubbed Renaissance, finally released its manifesto for the European election taking place later [in May 2019] ...
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Sen. Bernie Sanders proposes breakup of agribusiness ‘mega-mergers’ in bid to woo farm belt states

Liz Crampton&nbsp|&nbsp
Bernie Sanders on [May 5] released a sweeping rural and agriculture plan that targets big companies and calls for more ...

FDA hires staff to streamline biotech animal evaluation amid calls for USDA regulation take over

Helena Bottemiller Evich&nbsp|&nbsp
The FDA has expanded its capacity to handle scientific and risk-based evaluation of biotech animals, the agency’s acting commissioner said ...

USDA endorses G-20 commitment to science-based policy, sustainable farming technology

Ryan Mccrimmon&nbsp|&nbsp
USDA officials signed on to a G-20 statement backing the development of climate-smart technology and promoting science-based decision-making. Top USDA ...
bayer monsanto

Costly glyphosate-cancer legal battles spark Bayer shareholder ‘revolt’

Eddy Wax, Maxime Schlee, Simon Marks&nbsp|&nbsp
You can't blame the Americans at Monsanto any more. Europe's most politically inflammatory chemical — the ubiquitous weedkiller glyphosate — ...

Food companies pursue ‘glyphosate free’ certification as Roundup-cancer legal battle rages

Ryan Mccrimmon&nbsp|&nbsp
Companies are increasingly enrolling in a voluntary certification program that provides glyphosate-free labels for their products, as consumers grow more wary of ...

Bayer lawsuits: USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue defends glyphosate before House appropriations subcommittee

Liz Crampton&nbsp|&nbsp
Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue....defended the use of the weedkiller Roundup after two cases resulted in multimillion-dollar jury verdicts against Bayer ...
DicambaSoybeans e

EPA may override state pesticide regulations, including stricter dicamba weed killer rules

Liz Crampton&nbsp|&nbsp
State regulators are worried that the Environmental Protection Agency is getting ready to override them on a host of pesticide ...

Viewpoint: EU neonicotinoid insecticide restrictions could ‘disrupt global trade flows’

Simon Marks&nbsp|&nbsp
Farmers and the agri-chemical industry are criticizing the European Parliament for seeking to export the EU’s stringent standards on pesticides ...

As EU glyphosate-cancer debate rages, 4 countries may take over herbicide safety evaluation from Germany

Simon Marks&nbsp|&nbsp
France, Hungary, the Netherlands and Sweden have agreed to take over from Germany as the lead countries responsible for assessing ...
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Farm groups push USDA oversight of gene-edited animals, potentially sparking new regulatory battle with FDA

Liz Crampton&nbsp|&nbsp
Livestock groups are aggressively pushing for regulation of the budding sector of gene-edited animals to be moved from FDA to ...
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As AquAdvantage salmon heads for US, Sen. Lisa Murkowski vows continued GMO labeling fight

Ryan Mccrimmon&nbsp|&nbsp
More than three years after FDA approved genetically engineered salmon as safe for human consumption, it looks like the product ...
gmo protesters signs x

Biotech industry, USDA hype CRISPR gene-editing benefits to avoid second GMO safety debate

Liz Crampton&nbsp|&nbsp
The U.S. agriculture industry is trying to get ahead of any backlash over gene-edited foods and win over the public ...
trade wars

US pushes China to speed biotech crop approvals, import more ethanol as trade talks continue

Catherine Boudreau&nbsp|&nbsp
The Trump administration is pressing China to approve biotech corn traits and import more American ethanol and a byproduct of ...

USDA moves to streamline biotech crop approvals by updating 30-year-old regulations

Liz Crampton&nbsp|&nbsp
USDA’s new regulation updating its plant biotechnology guidelines is being reviewed by [the Office of Management and Budget], suggesting it’s ...

EU has ‘no plans’ to revise its strict regulations on gene-edited crops, European Commission official says

Emmet Livingstone&nbsp|&nbsp
A European Commission official said [January 7] that Brussels has no plans to “put forward new legislative proposals” on genetically ...

USDA, FDA announce plan to split regulatory oversight of lab-grown meat

Ryan Mccrimmon&nbsp|&nbsp
The Agriculture Department and FDA laid out new details on [November 16] about how the two agencies plan to split ...

European Commission science advisers say political decision limiting crop gene editing will leave Europe a technological straggler

Simon Marks&nbsp|&nbsp
Laws in the EU should be changed to allow plants developed through controversial gene-editing techniques to be more easily put on ...

Why the USDA is finding it hard to combat surge in fraudulent organic products

Ryan Mccrimmon&nbsp|&nbsp
USDA has an organic problem. The department wants to clamp down on fraudulent products, but needs to tackle inaccurate government ...