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Fact check: Will climate change cause chocolate to go extinct in 40 years?

Alex Kasprak&nbsp|&nbsp
In the waning hours of 2017, like a politician holding inconvenient news for a Friday afternoon, Business Insider published a terrifying headline: ...

Fake news alert: Melania Trump did not ban Monsanto products, GMOs from White House

David Emery&nbsp|&nbsp
CLAIM: First Lady Melania Trump banned all Monsanto products from the White House after reading about the dangers of genetically modified ...

Myth-busting site Snopes judges Food Babe’s ‘shocking report’ of glyphosate in food “FALSE”

Alex Kasprak&nbsp|&nbsp
CLAIM: A new analysis of the residue on common American foods showed high levels of the herbicide glyphosate and Monsanto, ...