tus is an open source project by Transloadit
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People are sharing more and more photos and videos every day. Mobile networks remain fragile however. Platform APIs are also often a mess and every project builds its own file uploader. There are a thousand one-week projects that barely work, when all we need is one real project. One project done right.

We are the ones who are going to do this right. Our aim is to solve the problem of unreliable file uploads once and for all. tus is a new open protocol for resumable uploads built on HTTP. It offers simple, cheap and reusable stacks for clients and servers. It supports any language, any platform and any network.

It may seem to be an impossible dream. Perhaps that is because no-one has managed to solve it yet. Still, we are confident and we are going to give it our best shot. Join us on GitHub and help us make the world a better place. Say "No!" to lost cat videos! Say "Yes!" to tus!


Built as a layer on top of the popular HTTP protocol, tus can easily be integrated into applications using existing libraries, proxies and firewalls, and can be used directly from any website.


tus is ready for use in production. It has undergone numerous rounds of improvements and received valuable feedback from people working at Vimeo, Google and multiple other well-known companies.

Open source

tus is brought to you by the people behind Transloadit but the source code to all of our implementations, this website and even the protocol itself is accessible to everyone under MIT license, directly from our GitHub organization.

Minimalistic design...

The specification only requires a very small set of features to be implemented by clients and servers. tus embraces simplicity, fast development and iteration speed for everyone.

... yet still extensible

tus nevertheless features a sizable list of extensions that introduce additional functionality, such as parallel uploading or checksums and expiration. All of these may be implemented according to your preferences.


We believe in an open and accessible evolution of this protocol. At any stage since the beginning of tus, feedback has been appreciated and integrated. We look forward to your contributions as well.

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