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Viewpoint: Europe must abandon ‘fear of progress’ to defeat anti-science chemophobia

Genes and Science&nbsp|&nbsp
A site like European Scientist has one hope: that the 2020s will be the decade of renewal for European scientific ...

Viewpoint: Activist opposition to GMOs fueled by an ‘extremist’ vision of nature

Genes and Science&nbsp|&nbsp
We would like to take the opportunity on #Worldenvironmentday to come back to a problem we have been thinking about ...

Viewpoint: Europe’s paranoid fear of chemicals fueled by disinterest in learning

European Scientist&nbsp|&nbsp
In a season of resolutions, a site like [European Scientist] has one hope: that the 2020s will be the decade ...

Viewpoint: On GMOs, energy production, ‘fear of progress’ is Europe’s main attribute

European Scientist&nbsp|&nbsp
Shale gas, GMOs: here are two topics that usually arouse the public's worst fears. [Europe] has managed to ban the ...
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William Vogt vs. Norman Borlaug: How two intellectual giants shaped the modern GMO debate

European Scientist&nbsp|&nbsp
In the book The Wizard and the Prophet, Charles C. Mann exposes the implicit controversy between two visionaries at the ...

May election offers Europe chance to embrace gene editing and ‘smart agriculture,’ boost sustainable farming

European Scientist&nbsp|&nbsp
On May 26, Europeans will be able to vote to elect new MEPs. This election will no doubt provide an ...

After Bayer-Monsanto merger, will ‘big ag’ invest in big data?

European Scientist&nbsp|&nbsp
The merger has been a laboured one: in order to please regulators, Bayer had to sell its seed and herbicide ...

Can Elisabete Weiderpass reform controversial IARC cancer agency?

European Scientist&nbsp|&nbsp
On Thursday 17th March, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (the IARC), appointed Dr. Elisabete Weiderpass as its new ...

French scientists call on politicians to listen to science, not ‘scare-mongers’ on GMOs, glyphosate

European Scientist&nbsp|&nbsp
Virginie Tournay, of CEVIPOF, a scientific research institute at the famous Science Po [Paris Institute of Political Studies] published the following article ...