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growing sweet potatoes in tanzania x

African women are leading biotechnology advance across the continent

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Women researchers are strongly influencing the adoption of agricultural biotechnology in Africa. “As African women, we are the ones who ...

African scientists try to resurrect research sidelined by COVID

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As African nations begin easing the lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, scientists are uncertain about ...

Ugandan scientists use CRISPR in pioneering research to breed hardier cassava

Cornell Alliance for Science&nbsp|&nbsp
Ugandan scientists have begun moving gene extracts into cassava cells in a first-of-its-kind research trial using the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing ...

African farmers want GMO seeds to help weather climate change

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It’s an old proverb in these lands that since man has learned to shoot without missing, birds have learned to ...

Kenya’s support for GMO crops likely to influence East Africa

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For nearly 20 years, Kenya has attempted to adopt the better-yielding and disease- and drought-tolerant crop varieties bred through genetic ...

Viewpoint: As most of Africa ‘dilly-dallied,’ Sudan, South Africa boosted food production with biotech crops

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Why are South Africa and Sudan ahead of every other country on the continent when it comes to biotech?....The nations ...

Better livestock breeding could help bring Uganda’s farmers out of poverty

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“Kafuuzi!” Grace Bwogi shouted. A black and grey goat turned in the caller’s direction before shifting her gaze and continuing ...

As Uganda debates GMO safety, its scientists boost food production in neighboring countries

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When Dr. Geoffrey Arinaitwe returned home after earning his PhD in biotechnology in Belgium in 2005, Uganda seemed a promising ...