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Bt cotton in Africa: Role models and lessons learned

Cornell Alliance for Science&nbsp|&nbsp
Africa’s cotton farmers are struggling to recoup their investments because they lack access to quality seeds that can increase yields ...
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Nigerian scientists say ‘smart’ agriculture can help mitigate climate change

Cornell Alliance for Science&nbsp|&nbsp
Promoting smart agriculture is one step nations can take to help mitigate the negative effects of farming on the climate, ...

COVID-19 may stall Nigeria’s rollout of GMO cowpea

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The COVID-19 pandemic may delay the rollout of pest-resistant Bt cowpea, Nigeria’s first genetically modified (GM) food crop. The country’s ...
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Swaziland (eSwatini) finds success with GMO cotton

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The chief executive officer of the Swaziland Cotton Board is urging African leaders to put their political egos aside and ...
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Crop biotechnology can aid environmental conservation, African scientists say

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Over the years, many plant and animal species have disappeared from Earth, in part due to human degradation of the ...
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African biotech scientist challenges activist opposition to Bt pest-resistant cowpea, Nigeria’s first GMO crop

Cowpea is one of the most important indigenous African legumes in Nigeria due to its ability to grow in drought-prone ...
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Nigeria approves its first GMO food crop

Cornell Alliance for Science&nbsp|&nbsp
After nearly a decade of research by its own scientists, Nigeria has approved its first genetically modified (GM) food crop ...

‘Landmark’ progress in 2018 expected to fuel more growth in Nigeria’s crop biotech sector

Cornell Alliance for Science&nbsp|&nbsp
Building on landmark events from the past year, Nigeria’s biotechnology sector is expecting significant progress on two key food and ...

Africa could miss the ‘gene revolution’ if it fails to embrace crop biotech, experts say

Cornell Alliance for Science&nbsp|&nbsp
Africa can’t afford to be left behind as the gene revolution transforms modern farming, African agricultural experts say. This is ...
Precautionary principle may threaten progress of agriculture, medicine in Africa, expert says

Precautionary principle may threaten progress of agriculture, medicine in Africa, expert says

Cornell Alliance for Science&nbsp|&nbsp
An over-reliance on the precautionary principle threatened to impede innovation in decisions made at [the recent] Convention on Biological Diversity ...

How crop biotechnology preserves and promotes biodiversity

Cornell Alliance for Science&nbsp|&nbsp
Experts attending the [recent] United Nations Biodiversity Conference in Egypt say that adopting smart agronomic practices can play a significant ...

In landmark case, activist attempt to block introduction of GMO corn dismissed by Nigerian High Court

Cornell Alliance for Science&nbsp|&nbsp
Just two weeks after Nigeria’s federal government approved the commercialization of Bt cotton, scientists scored another victory with a court judgment ...
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GMO crops in Africa: How South African farmers paved the way

Cornell Alliance for Science&nbsp|&nbsp
“I feel I wasted my time working for over 20 years as an electrical engineer in Johannesburg,” said Khambi Frans ...

Genetic engineering has ‘enormous potential’ to solve environmental problems in Africa, scientists say

Cornell Alliance for Science&nbsp|&nbsp
[S]cientists and government officials, in a series of exclusive interviews with the Alliance for Science, opined that biotechnology is one ...

Nigeria needs GMO seeds to feed growing population, says nation’s top scientist

Cornell Alliance for Science&nbsp|&nbsp
Nigerian scientists are drumming up support for modern agricultural biotechnology, saying the country cannot feed its growing population with the ...
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Nigeria on track to commercialize GMO cowpeas, rice, sorghum, corn and cotton

The Biosafety Bill was signed into law in 2015, putting Nigeria on the map of countries with requisite regulations for ...

Nigeria to commercialize GMO cowpeas and cotton by 2018

The National Agriculture Seed Council (NASC) has commenced sensitisation of Nigerian seed companies in preparation for the commercialisation of Genetically ...

Fall armyworm threatens Nigerian crops; genetic engineering offers only long-term solution

Cornell Alliance for Science&nbsp|&nbsp
Nigeria remains Africa’s largest [corn] producer, growing nearly 8 million tons annually. It is closely followed by South Africa, Tanzania, ...
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Nigeria faces drought, famine, malnutrition and hunger, but GMOs offer hope

A report recently published by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) says a total of 8.1 million people ...

Nigeria’s Environment Minister: Biotech vital to success of country’s Great Green Wall initiative

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. The Minister of Environment, ...