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DNA shows Neanderthals mated with humans in two waves, not just once

Live Science&nbsp|&nbsp
[A]ncient humans mated with Neanderthals between 200,000 and 300,000 years ago, well before the more recent, and better-known mixing of the two ...
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Mystery Norwegian jelly-like blobs stump marine biologists

Live Science&nbsp|&nbsp
Giant, jelly-like blobs have been sighted off the western coast of Norway, but the identities of these mysterious objects have ...
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Does low IQ correlate with prejudicial thinking?

Live Science&nbsp|&nbsp
There's a long-standing and somewhat uncomfortable finding in psychology: that low IQ, conservative social beliefs and prejudice — including anti-gay ...
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Why do intelligent people live longer? It’s in your DNA

Live Science&nbsp|&nbsp
Smarter people tend to live longer than those with less luck in the intelligence department. Now, a new study hints ...

Richard III DNA test sparks controversy

Live Science&nbsp|&nbsp
King Richard III has been dead for more than 500 years, but his bones continue to ignite fresh controversy. The ...

Black Death altered European genes

Live Science&nbsp|&nbsp
The Black Death of the 14th century may be written into the DNA of survivors' descendants, new research finds. The ...

23andMe uncovers semen switching at a fertility clinic

Live Science&nbsp|&nbsp
A young women conceived with help from a fertility clinic in Utah in the early 1990s is actually the biological ...

Python’s extreme eating abilities have an evolutionary history to match

Live Science&nbsp|&nbsp
The first complete sequence of any snake genome reveals that Burmese pythons evolved rapidly to be able to eat prey ...

T. Rex tissue survives 68 million years, thanks to iron

Live Science&nbsp|&nbsp
The controversial discovery of 68-million-year-old soft tissue from the bones of a Tyrannosaurus rex finally has a physical explanation. According to new ...

Albino gorilla inbred, according to genome

The following is an excerpt. Snowflake was a male Western lowland gorilla. He was born in the wild and captured ...

Unraveling the human genome: 6 molecular milestones

Live Science&nbsp|&nbsp
In a milestone for the understanding of human genetics, scientists just announced the results of five years of work in ...

Genes tell intricate tale of Jewish diaspora

Live Science&nbsp|&nbsp
A new genetic map paints a comprehensive picture of the 2,000 or so years in which different Jewish groups migrated ...

Tarnished medals: Will genetic engineering change the Olympics?

Yahoo News&nbsp|&nbsp
Will the Olympics as we know it survive genetic engineering? That seems to be the question behind a new opinion ...