Technology Partners

Cloudflare works with several leading technology companies to offer customers the flexibility to pick the best tools with a seamless experience.


Bandwidth Alliance

The Bandwidth Alliance brings together cloud and networking companies that are committed to discounting or waiving bandwidth fees for shared customers.

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Analytics Partnerships

Cloudflare has partnered with popular analytics platforms to make visualizing Cloudflare logs and metrics easy and help customers better understand events and trends from websites and applications on the Cloudflare network.

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Interconnection Partnerships

Cloudflare has partnered with best-in-class Interconnection platforms in 23 global markets to offer private, secure, software-defined links with near instant-turn-up of ports.

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Identity Providers

We partnered with leading identity providers so you can easily integrate your organization's single sign-on provider and benefit from the ease-of-use and functionality of Cloudflare Access.

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Endpoint Protection

Cloudflare and Tanium work together to make zero-trust security seamless. With this integration, every connection to our customer’s corporate application gets an additional layer of identity assurance without the need to connect to VPN.

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Workers and GitHub Actions

Automatically deploy Workers directly from a GitHub repository with GitHub Actions.

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The Experiment Delivery Network powered by Workers

Cloudflare partners with Optimizely to ensure that no matter where your customers are, you are able to deliver experiments quickly, resulting in faster site performance.

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Cloudflare + Mozilla: Building a Better Internet

Cloudflare partners with Mozilla to help develop, test, and deploy next-generation Internet standards in user privacy. Cloudflare supports the rollout of encrypted DNS over HTTPS by default for US-based users and as an option for all users outside of the US.

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Peering Portal

Cloudflare peers with multiple ISPs and hosting providers who wish to send traffic directly to Cloudflare’s network to skip congested paths between transit providers and avoid paying to ship traffic. The Cloudflare Peering Portal is the easiest way of getting started and managing your peering configuration.

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