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Science in action to improve the sustainability of agriculture, natural resources, and food systems
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BIOAg Grant Program


As part of the legislative funding for BIOAg, a competitive grants program was created to stimulate research, extension and education investments by WSU scientists. The goal of the BIOAg solicitation is to engage WSU faculty to advance the development, understanding, and use of biologically-intensive, organic and sustainable agriculture in Washington State. BIOAg funding can be requested for three purposes: to stimulate new research initiatives, to augment existing research to address critical gaps, and to move existing, game-changing research out into the real world.

Funded projects from prior years including progress reports and outcomes can be accessed in the CSANR Grants Database and resulting publications are catalogued in the CSANR Publications Library.

FY 2020 BIOAg Program Request for Proposals

***FY20 UPDATE*** the RFP above was updated 11/26/19 to clarify that letters of intent are not required. LOI are requested to help us plan for reviews, but deadlines apply to full proposals only.

BIOAg Grant Program RFP Archive