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To guide our audience through an increasingly complex digital world by humanizing technology and filtering out the noise.

About Digital Trends

Digital Trends, the largest independent premium technology publisher in the world, is an award-winning multimedia brand that guides consumers to the best products and services available today — and uncovers the innovations that will shape their lives tomorrow. With more than 6 million social followers and a website that reaches 30 million worldwide, the brand interacts with more than 100 million people per month.

We cover tech for the way you live: not just gadgets, but the powers they unlock in your life, the story of the people who made them, and the way they’re reshaping the world outside your window. Digital Trends filters the torrent of devices and innovation that surround us through a human lens that elevates experience above specs, hype, and marketing. The rapid pace of change creates a conversation that’s always engaging, entertaining, and challenging. You don’t have time to become an expert. But we’ll help you feel like one.

About Designtechnica Corp.

Founded in 2002, Designtechnica Corp. publishes Digital Trends, Digital Trends en Español, and The Manual and touches over a hundred million people every month. Through a suite of marketing services and partnerships with some of the world’s largest companies, Designtechnica helps connect brands to consumers through premium, brand-safe content, live and on-demand videos, and events held across the country. Through offices in New York City, Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago, and more, and across all of our brands, we speak to a millennial audience about people, innovation, and the tech that’s changing their world.

Meet the Editors

Digital Trends writes for people beyond your average tech geek. Many folks who don’t care at all about tech rely upon the dozens of writers and editors at Digital Trends for news of their next iPhone, how to fix their laptop, and so on. Here are the people that make it all possible — and the principles of transparency, equity, and integrity they strive to uphold.

Our Values

Through our expertise and voice

By a fierce commitment to always elevate the experience

Through meaningful relationships with our audience & partners

Providing a relatable path to knowledge & discovery

About enriching people’s experiences with tech

We love what we do and we don’t take ourselves too seriously

Digital Trends Hires Diana Semler As Head Of People

PORTLAND, Ore., Mar. 30, 2020 — Digital Trends, the premiere Millennial-focused tech publisher, continues expansion by appointing their first Head of People, Diana Semler, to run the human resources department at Digital Trends’ downtown Portland headquarters. Despite the need for social distancing and self-quarantine during the global COVID19 pandemic, Digital Trends continues to operate as […]

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