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COVID-19 Update

You Can Help!

Support Johns Hopkins’ COVID-19 Response

Our medical teams — doctors, nurses, technicians and support staff — are working around the clock to help patients with this dangerous disease. Our scientists are tirelessly pressing onward to expose the biology of COVID-19, advance testing capacity, and develop both a preventive vaccine and a curative treatment.


What Your Donation Can Do

Thank you for your desire to join us in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. Our people and capacities are stretched to the limit. We need funding to:

Support COVID-19 Patient Care

Johns Hopkins Medicine serves a large population in Maryland, and draws patients regionally and nationally who come to us for the best care. Our clinical services are among the world’s best, and we are known for leadership in patient safety and emergency and critical care medicine.

Your gift can support the purchase of hospital supplies, protective gear for clinical staff, and oxygenation and respiratory equipment; direct patient care including additional services and staffing; and community prevention and outreach.

Support COVID-19 Research

Johns Hopkins Medicine has world-class scientific strength in disciplines relevant to this disease including virology, pathology, infectious diseases, pulmonology, gastroenterology, and critical care medicine.  We have an exceptional track record in “basic science,” the laboratory research that serves as the foundation for all medical breakthroughs. The conjunction of basic and clinical research prepares us to succeed in a full assault on COVID-19. 

Your gift can support our research teams as they intensively push to generate a deep understanding of disease virology and its impact on human biology and immunology, and to develop effective methods to detect, diagnose, treat, and prevent COVID-19 in diverse people, including those who have chronic conditions, such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

Lend Your Time

Prepare PPE for Health Care Workers

We are inviting members of the Johns Hopkins family and our local community to help construct face shields and prepare reusable gowns for distribution to health care workers. Interested volunteers should sign up online.

Opportunities for Johns Hopkins Family Only

  • Drivers Needed for Incident Command

    We need to grow our ability to deliver supplies to our 40+ ambulatory centers. To meet this demand, we are looking within the Hopkins family for individuals who are able and willing to deliver these supplies and support ongoing patient care.

Donate Supplies

Needed: Personal Protective Equipment and Medical Supplies

We welcome donations of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other medical supplies that will assist us in ensuring continuous patient care during this pandemic. The Johns Hopkins Health System Supply Chain Department has created a list of requested donations and relevant specifications. This list will be updated periodically.

Before you ship supplies: For those donating medical products, please complete a short survey once the items are collected and ready for shipment. It is important for this form to be completed so that donations are properly documented and accounted for, and to help ensure that we are prepared to accept the donations on the day of delivery.

All donations should be delivered to:
Johns Hopkins Health System Consolidated Service Center
5300 Holabird Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21224

For items being shipped directly to the Consolidated Service Center from abroad, the sender should include as an answer to the last question in the survey the following items: (1) port of departure, (2) carrier (e.g., FedEx, DHL, etc.), (3) date of shipment, 4) expected date of arrival, and (5) expected port of entry.

Complete Survey

Connect Us to Manufacturers

Looking for Sources of PPE and Other Critical Medical Products

We are grateful to our friends and donors who have been enthusiastic about assisting the Johns Hopkins Health System Supply Chain Department in locating manufacturers and distributors of medical products that might be able to supply us with personal protective equipment and critical medical products in short supply.

If you know of a potential source of such products, please contact: Jared Keenan, JHHS Supply Chain Department Clinical Sourcing Lead.

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