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Over 38 million scientists, healthcare professionals, and science-enthusiasts visit Springer Nature’s network each month. Discover the benefits of our digital advertising solutions for raising awareness at the top of your marketing funnel.

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Our digital reach: 38 million+ monthly users

Nature Research, Springer, BioMed Central, and Scientific American.

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Target your audience

Combine our three targeting approaches to optimize your reach and precision target your audience. All approaches can target by geography.

1. Target by audience segment

Choose from our pre-built audience segments to target your audience across Springer Nature platforms. Our segments are created by grouping visitors based on their online behavior, with our subject segments based on subject areas, keywords, and journals.

2. Target by keyword with dynamic contextual advertising

Display your campaign alongside specific articles across Springer Nature platforms based on keywords of your choice. Use any keywords, from specific gene IDs to product names, with the option to exclude negative keywords.

3. Target by journal

Target a specific journal platform or group of journals from our Springer Nature portfolio of 3000+ journals.


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