August 25, 2020
  • Animals

    254 – Penguin Genomics and Adaptation

    Tweet Penguins are charismatic, flightless, diving birds.  While typically associated only with Antarctica, their center of origin, radiation and speciation has been widely debated.  Dr. Juliana Vianna is part of an Antarctica Genomics Group at [...]
  • Ethics

    253 – The Race to the COVID19 mRNA Vaccine

    Tweet Most experts agree that the COVID19 pandemic will not end until a vaccine is available.  But traditionally, vaccines take a decade to develop and test.  The crisis has ignited efforts from over 130 companies, [...]
  • Human Health

    252 – Prions: Infectious Proteins

    Tweet A number of strange, devastating and lethal diseases are caused by prions. The most famous of these disorders in animals is Bovine Spongiform Encelapathy,  or “Mad Cow Disease”. Unlike other infectious agents like viruses, [...]
  • Agriculture

    251 – The Bull that (probably) Sires Mostly Bulls

    Tweet Male cattle (bulls) convert feed calories to weight gain more efficiently than females (cows). If more bulls could be put into beef production, the process would be even more sustainable. Dr. Alison Van Eenennaam [...]

Plant Biology

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