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epigenetics and/or molecular biology? Are you a science writer or simply enthusiastic about epigenetics and lifestyle? Have an interesting piece on epigenetics you’d like to publish on this site? Submit your original content about epigenetics using the form below. Content must be exclusive to, and not any other blog or news site. Acceptance is based on the quality, originality, relevance, accuracy, and length of the content. Full writing credits will be given. Please use references/citations as needed. If the article is published, you’ll receive the following compensation, paid via Paypal* or as an digital gift card*:

  • New Author –  $50 USD for the first article
  • Regular Author – $65 USD for the second article to fourth article
  • Veteran Author – $80 USD for the fifth article, and thereafter

Some example submissions that were published:

Note: Commercial or vendor content from the life sciences research reagent, equipment, or service industry is permitted as long as it provides wide educational value, but we cannot financially compensate you for such a submission. Two external links to the commercial content are permitted within the article for a fee.

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