WordPress.com + Google

Discover the easiest way to use Google tools and services on your WordPress website. No need to pick and choose. Get the best of the web on WordPress.com.

Google Analytics

Inform your business decisions with in-depth data – powered by Google.

Add Google Analytics to your WordPress.com Business site to track performance. Get timely and detailed statistics about where your visitors are coming from, how they’re interacting with your site, and whether they’re responding to your marketing efforts.

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G Suite by Google Cloud

Enjoy the most popular Google products right at your fingertips.

Add a professional Gmail address, Drive, Docs, Calendars, and Hangouts to your WordPress.com account. Our integration with G Suite improves your site’s performance and your workflow – no software required.

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Search Console

Make your site easier to find with Search Console

With Google Search Console integration, you can see your site like a search engine does. Get detailed reports that show how visitors are searching for you, what they’re clicking on, who is linking to your site, and much more. Optimize your site for more traffic and better discoverability.

Google Docs

Embrace collaborative editing for your WordPress website.

Google Docs for WordPress.com lets you write, edit, and collaborate in Docs, then save it as a blog post on any WordPress.com site. Your images and most formatting will carry over from Docs to WordPress too. No more copy-and-paste headaches.

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Google Photos

Streamline your workflow with Google Photos for WordPress.

Upload once, share anywhere. With Google Photos for WordPress, you can manage your media easily and save on web storage. Rather than uploading twice, browse, search, and copy photos from your Google account right into your WordPress.com blog posts and pages.

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Get the best web performance for your business site with the power of Google on WordPress.com.

Build your site with our Business Plan to add Google tools and services, no installation required.