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Will legal ‘assault’ on Bayer’s Roundup weedkiller in US, EU threaten Africa’s access to glyphosate?

John Njiraini&nbsp|&nbsp
A growing assault against glyphosate in the U.S. and Europe is threatening the future of the widely used weed killer ...

Skepticism of GMOs, CRISPR won’t slow crop biotech innovation, biologist predicts

Daniel Jacobs&nbsp|&nbsp
Genetically modified crops have the potential, if widely adopted, to help feed the world and vastly change the crop input ...
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Kenya endorses ‘case-by-case’ GMO crop approval process

John Njiraini&nbsp|&nbsp
In a development that has ignited optimism among companies and organizations that front for the adoption of GM crops, Kenya ...

Viewpoint: Monsanto’s Roundup is safe, but PR battle to defend weed killer may be lost cause

Daniel Jacobs&nbsp|&nbsp
Let me state for the record. I believe glyphosate to be perfectly safe. There have been hundreds of studies by ...