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No ancient ‘Garden of Eden’? Humans likely evolved all over Africa

Ed Whelan&nbsp|&nbsp
The evolution and spread of Homo sapiens is perhaps one of the greatest mysteries in all of science. Until recently, it was ...

Archaeologists revive ancient North American crops that may have fed thousands of people

Ashley Cowie&nbsp|&nbsp
The scientific cultivation of lost ancient seed crops has yielded much higher than expected growth rates, challenging assumptions about maize ...

Studying human evolution faces major challenge: Our ancestors lived in ‘ecosystems unlike any found today’

To understand the environmental pressures that shaped human evolution, scientists must first piece together the details of the ancient plant and animal ...

Neanderthal children footprints: In French quarry, largest group of hominin footprints ever found

Ashley Cowie&nbsp|&nbsp
They walked and perhaps played along the beach in a prehistoric world; we know this as archaeologists have discovered hundreds ...

Studs: Most men trace their genetics back to a few early human prolific ‘elite males’

Mark Miller&nbsp|&nbsp
A new genetic study of male ancestry shows there were periods in human prehistory when just a few elite men ...

DNA of unknown extinct human ancestor species found

Tina Saey&nbsp|&nbsp
Traces of long-lost human cousins may be hiding in modern people’s DNA, a new computer analysis suggests. People from Melanesia, ...