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Will schools maintain immunization requirements as vaccination rates plunge?

Nat Malkus&nbsp|&nbsp
[E]ven as the coronavirus dominates concerns of parents and school leaders, the dwindling rates of routine childhood vaccinations are quietly ...
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‘Like, wow’!: 3-D ultrasound images allow blind parents ‘glimpse’ at their newborn’s face

Debra Bruno&nbsp|&nbsp
[S]ophisticated technology allows [blind parents] to “see” their little ones before they are born by creating a 3-D image to ...
fda stephen hahn coronavirus

FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn: ‘Decisions about approving vaccines will be based solely on good science’

Stephen Hahn&nbsp|&nbsp
The framework in the United States to support a covid-19 vaccine is now in place. Testing is underway and manufacturing ...
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97,000 school-age children tested positive for COVID-19 in late July — most had no or mild symptoms

Ariana Eunjung Cha, Chelsea Janes, Haisten Willis&nbsp|&nbsp
Pictures of packed school hallways in Georgia and news of positive tests on the first day of classes in Indiana ...

Covid-19 targets poor service workers in densely populated enclaves. Can we turn that around?

George Rutherford&nbsp|&nbsp
California is a large and complex state, and our coronavirus challenge, too, is anything but straightforward. In fact, the best way to ...
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No HIV vaccine yet but decades of false starts provide guidance to coronavirus researchers

Carolyn Johnson, Lenny Bernstein&nbsp|&nbsp
Thirty-six years [after the virus's discovery], there still is no HIV vaccine. But instead of being a cautionary tale of ...

Wanted: Volunteers willing to risk getting sick from the coronavirus for the greater good

Carolyn Johnson&nbsp|&nbsp
The Covid-19 Prevention Network, which knits together the existing federal clinical trial infrastructure developed largely to test HIV vaccines and ...
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Maybe Darwin got it wrong: ‘Survival of the Friendliest’

Marlene Cimons&nbsp|&nbsp
Most people assume that Darwin was talking about physical strength when referring to “survival of the fittest,” meaning that a ...
people crowd masks colourful

The novel coronavirus is a random murderer

Six months into a pandemic that has killed more than 400,000 people globally, scientists are still trying to understand the ...
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Anti-vax activists exploit dark history of Tuskegee syphilis study to stir Black opposition to COVID-19 vaccines

Peter Jamison&nbsp|&nbsp
[There’s] a remarkable new alliance between the anti-vaccine movement and black leaders in Colorado. Among those who testified against [a ...
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In over 10,000 sessions, secret supervised opioid injection site hasn’t had a single death or hospitalization

Meryl Kornfield, William Wan&nbsp|&nbsp
Operators of the supervised injection site say that over the course of five years, 10,514 injections and 33 opioid-involved overdoses, ...
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Trump administration pushing FDA to re-authorize hydroxychloroquine based on recent questionable study

Josh Dawsey, Laurie McGinley&nbsp|&nbsp
[Trade advisor Peter Navarro is pushing for] a second emergency authorization for the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine to treat covid-19, the ...
pregnant woman and child walk with masks during covid outbreak x

COVID-19 can be passed from mother to fetus

Lenny Bernstein&nbsp|&nbsp
[COVID-19] can be passed to fetuses and newborns, according to results of a small study released [July 9]. Just two ...
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Big risk, big rewards: Betting on RNA to make cheaper, faster coronavirus vaccines

Carolyn Johnson, William Booth&nbsp|&nbsp
[A] promising — but unproven — new generation of vaccine technologies is based on deploying a tiny snip of genetic ...
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Summer heat waves can turn common medications deadly

Marlene Cimons&nbsp|&nbsp
Heat waves kill more people than any other single weather event, making them dangerous by themselves. But if you are ...
flu shot bottles x thumbnail

Flu vaccine makers plan to increase production as they brace for unprecedented winter season

Lena Sun&nbsp|&nbsp
Even though flu season doesn’t begin until the fall, major flu vaccine manufacturers say they plan to boost production by ...
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Even with a vaccine, COVID-19 might be here to stay. Here’s what that means for society

Carolyn Johnson, William Wan&nbsp|&nbsp
It is a daunting proposition — a coronavirus-tinged world without a foreseeable end. But experts in epidemiology, disaster planning and ...
mt virus mutations

Infographic: How COVID-19 mutated to infect the world

Joel Achenbach, Sarah Kaplan&nbsp|&nbsp
A change in the virus was appearing again and again. This mutation, associated with outbreaks in Europe and New York, ...
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Quest for coronavirus vaccine is the new ‘space race’. Will bragging rights go to China or the US?

Carolyn Johnson, Eva Dou&nbsp|&nbsp
The same day in mid-March that the United States launched human testing of its first experimental coronavirus vaccine, scientists in ...

Social and health complications in children linked to aging parents. Should age restrictions on fertility treatments be raised?

Eric Berger&nbsp|&nbsp
For nearly 40 years, fertility treatment has grown ever more advanced and so entrenched that it’s not uncommon for couples ...
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Trump administration drops transgender health protections

Ariana Eunjung Cha&nbsp|&nbsp
The Trump administration on Friday [June 12] reversed non-discrimination protections for transgender people in health care, a policy shift that ...

Older vaccines for polio and tuberculosis could ‘rev up’ the body’s immune system to counter COVID-19

Carolyn Johnson, Steven Mufson&nbsp|&nbsp
Two tried-and-true vaccines — a century-old inoculation against tuberculosis and a decades-old polio vaccine once given as a sugar cube ...
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Living at high altitudes may offer natural defense against COVID-19

Simeon Tegel&nbsp|&nbsp
Just 916 of Peru’s 141,000 cases come from the Cusco region, meaning its contagion rate is more than 80 percent ...

COVID-19 evolving to be less deadly? Experts challenge Italian doctor’s claims

Has the novel coronavirus in Italy changed in some significant way? That was the suggestion of a top doctor in ...
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On second thought: Sweden’s top epidemiologist says nation should have done more to slow COVID-19

Michael Birnbaum&nbsp|&nbsp
For months, the world has watched Sweden's light-touch approach to fighting the coronavirus pandemic, wondering whether it was genius or ...
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Rethinking COVID-19 school restrictions: Few cases, almost no fatalities and no documented incidents of child-to-adult transmission

Daniel Halperin&nbsp|&nbsp
As lockdown restrictions ease, a critical question looms: When do we reopen schools? Parents and others weighing covid-19′s risk to ...

New coronavirus test problem: Not enough people seeking tests in some states

Brady Dennis, Juliet Eilperin, Steve Thompson&nbsp|&nbsp
Four months into the U.S. coronavirus outbreak, tests for the virus finally are becoming widely available, a crucial step toward ...

Infographic: From head to toe, coronavirus affects the body in unpredictable ways

Ariana Cha, Lenny Bernstein&nbsp|&nbsp
Today, there is widespread recognition the novel coronavirus is far more unpredictable than a simple respiratory virus. Often it attacks ...