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African experts urge a ‘special focus’ on agriculture in post COVID recovery

Cornell Alliance for Science&nbsp|&nbsp
African experts are urging governments across the continent to give a “special focus” to agriculture in the post-COVID-19 recovery era ...

Greenpeace legal challenge fails to stop Kenya’s food imports

Cornell Alliance for Science&nbsp|&nbsp
A Greenpeace-endorsed lawsuit to prevent Kenya’s government from importing maize to ease predicted food shortages has been rendered moot due ...

Kenya pushes GMO cotton farming to meet soaring demand for masks

Cornell Alliance for Science&nbsp|&nbsp
The Kenyan government has begun distributing genetically modified (GM) and hybrid seeds in a bid to increase cotton production to ...
fall armyworm mgmt

Fall armyworm adds bitter note to farmer’s ‘sweet and sour journey’

Cornell Alliance for Science&nbsp|&nbsp
For 83-year-old Florence Wambui Theiru, a life of farming in Central Kenya has been a sweet and sour journey. Over ...

Kenya picks 1,000 farmers to grow GMO cotton

Cornell Alliance for Science&nbsp|&nbsp
The Kenyan government has identified 1,000 farmers who will receive the country’s first genetically modified (GM) cotton seeds. The farmers ...
Late bligh resistant potato x e

Fighting blight with GMO potatoes

Cornell Alliance for Science&nbsp|&nbsp
Dr. Eric Magembe is committed to using the tools of genetic engineering to fight the devasating potato late blight disease ...

Kenya demonstration plots show GMO maize resists insects, increases yields

Cornell Alliance&nbsp|&nbsp
Demonstration plots in Kenya show that genetically modified (GM) maize varieties are more effective in controlling insect attacks than their ...

Kenya needs to overcome inhibitions about GMOs, official says

Cornell Alliance for Science&nbsp|&nbsp
Efforts to “put technologies in the hands of farmers that protect against drought and insects cannot be taken lightly.” ...

Kenya field trial shows Bt cotton boosts yields four-fold

Cornell Alliance for Science&nbsp|&nbsp
“The results from the biotech cotton have demonstrated the potential that it has in transforming the textile industry in the ...

Kenya plants demonstrations of drought-tolerant, insect-resistant GMO maize

Cornell Alliance for Science&nbsp|&nbsp
Kenyan scientists have planted demonstration plots in the country’s eastern and western regions to show how genetically modified (GM) maize ...

Viewpoint: Burkina Faso’s declining cotton yields illustrate need for GMO crops

Daily Nation&nbsp|&nbsp
At a forum on biotech crops and the Big Four Agenda at the University of Nairobi on April 24, critics ...

Kenya reconsidering GMO crop ban to support food security

Cornell Alliance for Science&nbsp|&nbsp
Kenya is reconsidering its 2012 import ban on genetically modified maize as more than 1 million of its citizens require urgent humanitarian ...

Biotech experts open their labs to combat misinformation about GMOs

Cornell Alliance for Science&nbsp|&nbsp
Scientists are demonstrating the efficacy of plant biotechnology by taking Cornell Alliance for Science Global Leadership Fellows through the process ...

Kenyan farmers urge government to allow GMOs

Farmers in Kilifi county want the government to allow them access genetically modified (GM) planting materials to boost agricultural production ...