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Nigeria readies GMO cowpea field trials ahead of 2020 commercialization

Juliana Agbo&nbsp|&nbsp
The African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) has disclosed that it would commence the trial of the pod borer resistant cowpea ...
Cowpea market IITA

African biotech scientist challenges activist opposition to Bt pest-resistant cowpea, Nigeria’s first GMO crop

Nkechi Isaac&nbsp|&nbsp
Cowpea is one of the most important indigenous African legumes in Nigeria due to its ability to grow in drought-prone ...
kenya fao

Nigeria on track to commercialize GMO cowpeas, rice, sorghum, corn and cotton

Nkechi Isaac&nbsp|&nbsp
The Biosafety Bill was signed into law in 2015, putting Nigeria on the map of countries with requisite regulations for ...

Nigeria to commercialize GMO cowpeas and cotton by 2018

Nkechi Isaac&nbsp|&nbsp
The National Agriculture Seed Council (NASC) has commenced sensitisation of Nigerian seed companies in preparation for the commercialisation of Genetically ...
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Nigeria faces drought, famine, malnutrition and hunger, but GMOs offer hope

Nkechi Isaac&nbsp|&nbsp
A report recently published by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) says a total of 8.1 million people ...

Nigerian agricultural experts see adoption of GMOs as a major economic development tool

Timothy Opaluwa&nbsp|&nbsp
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