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Talking Biotech: Mexico’s complicated relationship with GMO corn

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Mexico is the center of origin for maize, and there is a substantial interest in protecting the genetic integrity of this limited resource.  At the same time Mexico’s population is growing, and farmers potentially find utility in growing genetically-engineered corn, as resistance to insects and lower pesticide use are attractive traits.  There is an intricate balance between feeding a population and ensuring farmer profit versus preservation of a genetic resource. In this week’s podcast Dr. Paul Vincelli (@pvincell) interviews Dr. Sol Ortiz Garcia, the Commission on Biosafety of Genetically Engineered Organisms.  How much GE maize is cultivated in Mexico?  Is it a threat?  Is there evidence of transgene flow from imported feed?  These are important questions, as the topic of genetic integrity of natural populations is a frequent area of discussion and debate.

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