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Viewpoint: Media focus on COVID-19 deaths ignores lasting impact of ‘calamitous pandemic’

Genes and Science&nbsp|&nbsp
The media regularly reports about deaths from COVID-19 as if that is the whole story. But it's not. COVID-19 doesn't ...

COVID-19 is causing silent epidemics — societal and medical crises

Genes and Science&nbsp|&nbsp
As the nation emerges in fits and starts from the lockdowns spurred by the first wave of COVID-19 illnesses, we’re ...

Viewpoint: How organic farming exploits consumer demand for ‘authenticity’

Genes and Science&nbsp|&nbsp
Seeking 'authenticity' is fine -- unless it deprives you of something beneficial ...
scientists shred study that says genetically modified food makes pigs sick

Viewpoint: News or propaganda? UK newspaper the Guardian paid over $800k to publish anti-farming ‘investigation’

Genes and Science&nbsp|&nbsp
Publishing propaganda as news is dishonest and lets readers down. Dr. Henry Miller, the founding director of the FDA's Office ...
virus vaccines superjumbo

Viewpoint: Believing that we’ll have a COVID-19 vaccine anytime soon is naive

Genes and Science&nbsp|&nbsp
The odds that we will have a safe, effective vaccine by January are vanishingly small ...
ctab vaccine

Viewpoint: ‘We can’t afford miscommunication or bureaucratic foot-dragging’ in the quest for a coronavirus vaccine

Genes and Science&nbsp|&nbsp
A draft government report forecasts the possibility of about 200,000 new cases of COVID-19 each day by the end of ...

Viewpoint: Journalism or propaganda? Animal rights group pays UK newspaper The Guardian to bash agriculture

Issues & Insights&nbsp|&nbsp
We grew up in an era when the mainstream media reported the news straightforwardly, but now much of it is ...

Viewpoint: How ‘fraudulent, poorly designed, and biased’ studies sow doubt about GMO, gene-edited crops

GM Crops & Food&nbsp|&nbsp
Research in crop science in recent years has advanced at an unprecedented rate, and the intermingling of old and new ...
large the us continues to use pesticides x

Viewpoint: Unprecedented abundance obscures the ‘profound’ public health benefits of pesticide use

Genes and Science&nbsp|&nbsp
Our greatest public health challenge isn’t chemicals -- it's ignorance and fear-mongering about them ...
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Viewpoint: Is a coronavirus vaccine on the horizon? Antiquated FDA regulations make it unlikely one will emerge in the US

Genes and Science&nbsp|&nbsp
A coronavirus vaccine in the foreseeable future? I’m not holding my breath ...
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What’s missing from claims that neonicotinoids are killing bees, birds and fish?

Genes and Science&nbsp|&nbsp
Criticism of pesticides is often undeserved -- and sometimes absolutely bizarre ...
hunts bumblebee blogheader Tom Koerner USFWS fw x e

Viewpoint: Wild bees on the decline? Lack of evidence challenges popular environmentalist narrative

Genes and Science&nbsp|&nbsp
'We can’t be simultaneously in the midst of a pollinator crisis threatening our ability to grow food and see continually ...
Field of oilseed rape with bees e

Viewpoint: How a small group of scientists and pliable media created a ‘catastrophe narrative’ that hurts bees and farmers

Genes and Science&nbsp|&nbsp
The scientists who glommed onto the “bee-pocalypse” narrative never bothered to go back and correct the record ...
modified fb x

Viewpoint: Documentary ‘Modified’ peddles falsehoods about GMOs, pesticides and ‘corporate control’ of food

Genes and Science&nbsp|&nbsp
"Modified” is an elaborate lie about genetic engineering ...
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Viewpoint: Organic industry anti-pesticide ‘propaganda’ threatens to cripple American agriculture

Genes and Science&nbsp|&nbsp
Misleading half-truths and outright misstatements offer a teaching moment about “advocacy research.” ...

Viewpoint: Plants could give us new treatments for cancer, HIV and other diseases if we had better ‘pharming’ regulations

Genes and Science&nbsp|&nbsp
Study suggests that proteins could be obtained from genetically engineered tobacco plants at 1/1,000th the cost of current methods ...
Starbucks cancer pics

Viewpoint: How dubious California Prop 65 cancer warnings and confusing non-GMO labels mislead consumers

Pacific Research Institute&nbsp|&nbsp
California’s Office of Administrative Law (OAL) recently made it official: Your morning cup of coffee won’t give you cancer. Next ...

Viewpoint: Genetically modified plants could produce drugs of the future—if we do more to encourage ‘pharming’

Wall Street Journal&nbsp|&nbsp
Politicians talk a lot about farming but seldom about “pharming,” even though the latter can also have a big impact ...

Viewpoint: FDA ‘accelerated’ drug approvals offer relief for critically ill patients. But more could be done.

Genes and Science&nbsp|&nbsp
Desperately-needed therapies often warrant early approvals ...
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Viewpoint: FDA must do more to protect consumers from ‘outright fraud’ of dietary supplements

Genes and Science&nbsp|&nbsp
Dietary supplements are often ineffective, if not dangerous. What does the path to supplement legislation and regulation look like? ...

Viewpoint: USDA GMO labeling plan is pointless, expensive—and probably unconstitutional

The scientific consensus is that mandatory GMO labeling fails every test — scientific, economic, legal, and common-sense ...

Viewpoint: Will FDA finally crack down on ‘false and misleading’ Non-GMO Project labels?

Genes and Science&nbsp|&nbsp
How much will mega food companies care until FDA decides to enforce the law? ...
stock vatican peters basilica x

Viewpoint: Regulators should embrace the Vatican’s decade-old endorsement of GMOs

Genes and Science&nbsp|&nbsp
If only legislators and regulators would “get religion" and take the Pontifical Academy’s decade-old recommendations to heart ...
fda jpg

Podcast: Former FDA scientist Henry Miller says misguided regulation keeps safe biotech products off the market

Genes and Science&nbsp|&nbsp
In 1982, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first "GMO" pharmaceutical drug in the world, a new ...

‘Excessive’ regulations fuel unjustified consumer fear of CRISPR-edited crops, biologists warn

A Washington Post article, “The Future of Food,” discussed the methods we use to breed food crops but suffered from ...

Viewpoint: Ironically named ‘Saving America’s Pollinators Act’ would harm bees, hinder sustainable farming

Some old ideas for bad laws are endlessly recycled. Take the case of the Saving America’s Pollinators Act, a nearly six-year-old ...
Roundup Glyphosate Pesticides

Viewpoint: ‘Naïve’ calls for glyphosate ban threaten higher food prices, resurgence of more toxic pesticides

Genes and Science&nbsp|&nbsp
The unintended consequences of glyphosate bans are many and potentially severe ...
citrus greening

Viewpoint: GMO trees could save America’s ‘decimated’ citrus industry from bacterial ‘plague’

Farmers in the major U.S. citrus-producing regions—Florida, California, Texas and Arizona, in particular—are facing a plague of epic proportions. Oranges ...