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How to argue about ‘race’: Charles Murray and Adam Rutherford are not so far apart

Patrick Whittle&nbsp|&nbsp
Shortly before the killing of George Floyd by a white Minneapolis police officer in May this year, two (now tragically ...

Viewpoint: How to constructively engage on social media with those who post anti-GMO and anti-vax conspiracies

Mary Mangan&nbsp|&nbsp
The other day, a tantalizing question appeared in my Twitter feed: “If you were writing a book about 2020, what ...
vaccine durability

Vaccine ‘durability’: COVID-19 immunizations coming soon but will they last?

Ricki Lewis&nbsp|&nbsp
As the days unfold with a seeming sameness in this odd summer of the pandemic, news of vaccine clinical trials ...

Podcast: How 1970s fat-free fad launched organic, non-GMO and other ‘absurd’ labeling schemes

Steve Savage&nbsp|&nbsp
Go walk the aisles of your local grocery store and see how many products are being marketed for what they ...
mapping humanity

Podcast: Mapping Humanity—How modern genetics is changing criminal justice, personalized medicine, and our identities

Cameron English, Josh Rappoport&nbsp|&nbsp
Innovations in genetics are already changing our lives for the better, and will continue to do so. Using gene-editing technology, ...

Viewpoint: Crop biotech innovation isn’t enough to shut down the anti-GMO propaganda machine

Judith Heimann&nbsp|&nbsp
Scientists need to promote and defend the relevance of their science, even after it has left their lab ...

Video: Debating Europe’s pro-organic Farm to Fork Green Deal—Sustainable agriculture or recipe for disaster?

Jon Entine&nbsp|&nbsp
One of the unpleasant lessons of the COVID pandemic is how little prepared we’ve been for an event that was, ...

Evolutionary puzzle: Why do fraternal twins exist?

Joseph Tomkins, Rebecca Sear, Wade Hazel&nbsp|&nbsp
The chances of having fraternal twins changes with maternal age and is heritable ...
meat cancer

Viewpoint: Red meat increases cancer risk? Maybe, but staying healthy isn’t as simple as avoiding steak

Lucy Stitzer&nbsp|&nbsp
Summer is a great time to grill steaks and hamburgers…they were definitely featured in our Fourth of July BBQ! We ...

Podcast: Europe suspends GMO rules to speed COVID vaccine; genes and coronavirus; Keto diet fights Alzheimer’s?

Cameron English, Kevin Folta&nbsp|&nbsp
Europe has suspended some of its oppressive GMO regulations to speed development of a COVID-19 vaccine, drawing accusations of hypocrisy ...
food poster

What’s the future of GMOs in Europe? Global food security in the midst of COVID. Watch Webinar Wed Jul 29, 10AM ET w/Sonny Perdue and Jon Entine

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it's that we can't take food security for granted.  As the "heart ...

Sustainable farming advances: Global movement to ban pesticides and GMOs spur next-generation biotech pest controls

Cameron English&nbsp|&nbsp
Their target remains GMOs—a range of agricultural products made with modern techniques of genetic engineering, from eggplant grown mostly in ...

Facing taboos: Conversation with GLP’s Jon Entine on sustainable agriculture, race and sports, ‘Jewish genetics’ and social investing

Grégoire Canlorbe, Jon Entine&nbsp|&nbsp
Jon Entine is an American science writer. He is the founder and executive director of the Genes and Science, a ...

Viewpoint: Fast-growing GMO salmon poised to hit US stores in 2020, but why did it take 30 years?

Lluís Montoliu&nbsp|&nbsp
In a few months, the first transgenic (GMO) salmon will be sold in the US, produced in an AquaBounty farms ...

COVID-19 is causing silent epidemics — societal and medical crises

Henry Miller, Shiv Sharma&nbsp|&nbsp
As the nation emerges in fits and starts from the lockdowns spurred by the first wave of COVID-19 illnesses, we’re ...

Genetic puzzle: How mice can be modified to help in the race to develop coronavirus therapies

William Hoffman&nbsp|&nbsp
For more than three decades Michael Koob has been working out complicated puzzles using the tools of molecular biology and genetics ...

Viewpoint: Pesticides on produce aren’t dangerous. Ignore the ‘Dirty Dozen’ and eat more fruits and veggies

Hillary Kaufman&nbsp|&nbsp
A uniquely frightening time like this provides a great moment for us all to do what’s best for neighbors, employees, ...

Viewpoint: Busting nutrition myths—Why you don’t have to cut potatoes out of your diet

Angela Dowden&nbsp|&nbsp
“Stop cutting out white potatoes – they're as healthy as sweet ones, dietitians say,” a recent headline in Insider urges us ...

Strokes often deadly but gene therapy offers hope to rebuild critically damaged brain cells

Sam Moxon&nbsp|&nbsp
When you think of a typical meal in the US South, you will likely recall the rich, hearty dishes that ...
just water x

Podcast: Homeopathic ‘drug’ passes peer review; EU: GMO crops bad, GMO medicine good; Wine industry wants CRISPR

Cameron English, Kevin Folta&nbsp|&nbsp
Research validating a homeopathic 'drug' for erectile function was published in a peer-reviewed science journal. Europe's Green Party opposes genetic ...

In your genes? DNA holds clues about how you will fare when exposed to coronavirus

Josh Rappoport&nbsp|&nbsp
Although the spread of SARS-CoV2, the virus causing COVID-19, has slowed in many places that have successfully “flattened the curve”, ...

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Daniel Defoe’s account of London’s 1665 bubonic plague offers a shock of recognition

Geoffrey Kabat&nbsp|&nbsp
Pandemics have punctuated recorded history going back to ancient Greece and Egypt. However, the novel coronavirus pandemic is unfolding in ...
Roundup Glyphosate Pesticides

Viewpoint: Mexico’s activist government pushes glyphosate ban that threatens food security and farmer welfare

Luis Ventura&nbsp|&nbsp
Biotech giant Bayer is currently in the fight of its life against more than 100,000 lawsuits alleging its flagship weedkiller ...

Re-energized anti-vaccine activism is growing on the right and winning the social media battle to discredit coming coronavirus treatments

Jonathan Jarry&nbsp|&nbsp
What does an antivaxxer and a far-right activist have in common? If the thought of someone who opposes vaccines brings ...

Viewpoint: Calling gene-edited crops ‘natural’ won’t dispel public skepticism. Here’s a better way to build trust in CRISPR

Christopher Preston, Trine Antonsen&nbsp|&nbsp
What determines whether a genetically modified vegetable or fruit is natural? ...
food additives

Viewpoint: Are synthetic food additives dangerous? Here’s the science anti-chemical activists ignore

Josh Bloom&nbsp|&nbsp
Always take chemical advice from EWG with a grain of (inorganic) salt ...

Have any of Earth’s creatures stopped evolving?

David Warmflash&nbsp|&nbsp
Some of the planet's more bizarre creatures have prompted some observers to suggest that evolution, on occasion, is stopped in ...

Who is most vulnerable by age and race to die from COVID-19?

Alex Berezow&nbsp|&nbsp
While coronavirus is obviously concerning and a very real threat to some people (namely, the elderly and immunocompromised), these data ...